EYTI SPAIN offers to non-resident foreigners (community members) the possibility to complement their acquired academic knowledge with a practice experience in the working international field throughout its Training Business program. Our portfolio of company clients need dynamic persons, with desire of improving knowledge of the Spanish language and culture, willing to work short periods of time to accomplish short range projects.
The objective of this program is not the high earnings but to accomplish a mean by which the participant can greater acquire knowledge in the professional field where he/she wishes to work as well as the Spanish habits and language.


EYTI SPAIN concentrates in providing Spanish companies personnel in work placement in the office sector (secretary, administrative, marketing, information technology, graphic design, accounting, finance, etc).




  1.  Complete schedule: 30-40 hours weekly. 5 days a week.
  2.  ½ Schedule: 15-20 hours weekly. 5 days a week.
  3.  Accommodation: Not included. Nevertheless, EYTI SPAIN will assist the non-resident to fin an suitable accommodation.
  4.  Working permits: Depending on the job. EYTI SPAIN will link the procedure between the Yorker and the company.
  5.  Retribuciones: a convenir en cada puesto de trabajo.

All conditions are subject to the existing working offers at the moment of the program’s demanding. The daily working hours can be either complete or half-schedule (mornings or afternoons).