EYTI SPAIN provides the way your family can enjoy of a private teacher temporarily. The English Tutor at home. We have native students (usually college ones) interested in being accommodated in Spanish families to obtain a cultural exchange in Spain. As compensation to the tutor’s maintenance, the families receive conversational help in the English language, according to the their particular needs, of 15 weekly hours.

The English Tutor program is ideal for families knowing the importance in the education of the English language of their children and today’s the global environment, resulting specially comfortable as a method to the introduction or improvement since it’s done at home.

The family decides which member or members will receive this help in English, as well as the days and timing most convenient, where and when to do it, like having a walk in the park, at home playing, etc.. using only English as the language to communicate.

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  •  Schedule: 15 hours weekly.
  •  Length: from 1 to 3 months.
  •  Total price to pay to EYTI SPAIN: 300 €.


  1.  Tutor’s age: between 18 and 28 years old.
  2.  Academic level: secondary minimum but, usually, are collage students.
  3.  Nationality: English native.
  4. Functions:
    1.  15 hours weekly as maximum attention in conversational English.
    2.  Helping children in English homework and other entertainment activities.

The family receives a tutor selected informative file (photos, curriculum, presentation letter and other documents of interest).