The AU PAIR SPAIN service provides spanish families domestic help through young foreigner girls wishing to come to Spain to increase their language and country custom knowledge.

The young Au-Pair will dedicate its time to the children’s care as well as to help with domestic light work like, vacuum cleaning, make the beds, do the ironing, kitchen help, etc…In compensation, she gets welcoming and maintenance as another family member, as well as pocket a weekly money.

By no means, an Au-pair must be considered as domestic service. The relation between the Au-pair and the Family ias absolutely personal and its success depends on the will of the family in helping her on its studies and entertaiment, as well as the predisposition of the Au-pair to perform on its obligations.

The family must inform the Au-pair the kind of facilities and free-time available for its language study, rest or hobbies.




  1.  Schedule: 30 hours weekly.*
  2.  Free Time: One entirely day by web, 2 afternoons or mornings, nights in which the family doesn’t need babysitting and other to agree with the family.
  3.  Weekly pocket money: 85-100 €.

(*) Tose families interested on having the Au-pair doing duties more time, will have to comunícate it in advance in its invitation letter offering a bigger weekly pocket money in proportion to the excess of time demanded.