Brings the youngsters an unbeatable cultural and sport experience of coexisting with young Americans and from other countries, that will permit them, besides optimizing their sports skills, to gain as persons in a global environment and to obtain a university degree that is recognized worldwide.

The sport capacities of the youngsters are greatly developed from the leading resources available in the amateur environment obtaining a great experience in a healthy competence framework.
Companies greatly appreciate the university degrees obtained throughout sport scholarships in the prestigious American universities bringing them the gained security of hiring persons educated in a global environment, used to reach high results under competitive pressure and with an absolute knowledge of the English language.



  1. Physical training prior to the trip.
  2. Supervision by distinguished coaches in their discipline, during the trainings in the student’s country of origin and the United State’s tour.
  3. Transfers from Madrid to the headquarter University in the United States.
  4. Land transfers within the United States.
  5. Medical insurance during the 15 days stay in the US.
  6. Total Accomodation and Maintenance in the headquarter universities during the 15 days in the United States.
  7. Sport equipment to represent the American organization.
  8. Recreational, academic and cultural activities to be done Turing 15 days in the US.
  9. Participation in the grant holder’s selection program in the presence of coaches in the United States.
Note: there is a limit of places per country. If the participants doesn’t get a scholarship offer, the American organization gives the opportunity to participate next year for free or the total refund of the program’s cost.